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Time Lord Man with two hearts survives double-sized attack

At first there didn’t seem to be anything unusual about the man who, in 2010, reported to a Verona, Italy emergency room. He was short of breath, sweating, and had low blood pressure – cardiovascular trouble, no doubt. E.R. doctors see similar symptoms all the time.

But this man was very different indeed. He had two hearts.

“We haven’t ever seen anything similar to this case before,” Dr. Giacomo Mugnai said in an email.

It turned out that a few years earlier, the man had undergone a procedure known as a heterotopic heart transplant. Unlike an orthotopic transplant, in which one organ is removed and another put in its place, a heterotopic transplant pairs a new organ with a diseased one.

“We see this in cardiac patients or kidney patients, sometimes,” explained Dr. Rade Vukmir, professor of emergency medicine at Temple University and a spokesman for the American College of Emergency Physicians. “Surgeons might leave a kidney in place if it’s too much trouble to take out, or if there is hope for recovery of a kidney, or a heart, after a period of time” of being helped by the new organ.

In the case of the ailing Italian, reported in the Annals of Emergency Medicine, the transplant team had mated his new heart with his malfunctioning old one. Chambers and blood vessels of the two hearts were married so that the new heart could support the old one…. 

Nerdfighter Book Club on YourPants!


Hello everyone! A group of us over on the YourPants forum decided to start a book club! Our first book is going to The Fault in Our Stars (obviously!) after which we will be moving on to The Great Gatsby. Anyway, if that seems like your thing then please join the group at YourPants: and credit goes to YourPants user dontevenblink for starting this!

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Nerdfighter book club, in your pants. 

wait, your in FAVOR of this?

Ok so i commented on something  today and involved SOPA, yea  i agree, stealing stuff, big bad no no. but the fact that they are trying to take jobs away from people like john green and hank green, thats not just or fair. we will be losing facebook,  youtube, all of these sites we love and use everyday, now am i the  only one that  thinks this way? please tell me im not! 

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